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4: Banking Stakeholder Group []

Banking Stakeholder Group []

[Representatives of Financial Institutions* includes individual representatives and representatives of associations currently employed by or acting on behalf of Union financial institutions, representing the diverse models and sizes of financial institutions and businesses, including, as appropriate, financial market practitioners, institutional investors and other financial institutions which themselves use financial services, such as credit intermediaries and creditors (including non-bank creditors), Payment Institutions, E-money institutions and Investment Firms. [Employees’ representatives: includes associations, bodies, individuals, or others which represent the interest of employees and trade unions, which may be paid by their employer. [Consumers: includes representatives of consumer organisations or any natural person acting for purposes outside his trade, business, craft or profession, and with proven record of dealing with consumer issues. [Users of banking services: includes individuals and associations delivering services and advice to consumers, including other retail users of banking services and end users of banking products, but not providers of banking services. [Representatives of SMEs: includes individuals employed by a SME relevant to financial institutions, or representatives of their organisations. [Independent top-ranking academics: includes individuals, which preferably hold a Ph.D. in finance, economics, law or other field relevant to financial services, or equivalent qualifications and a solid academic experience in a university or institute of higher education (e.g. professorship), have a strong publication record in the field of finance, economics, law and participation in international conferences and workshops.]

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